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  1. DefiniteGoose
  2. Maxrill Del Valle
    Maxrill Del Valle
    Another Heroes I got from Fantasy Squad coupon code. A Five 5-star heroes that can help in the squad. #conquerors
  3. Symbolize | Caleb
    Symbolize | Caleb
    Scoring game. Why get random music somewhere else when you can have someone like me make a score purely by inspiration of your project?
  4. 671993
    671993 Indu_Rudi

    My name is Elijah. I represent a game dev studio that designs VR content in UE4.
    Are you still looking for an artist. We have a good concept artist in our team who would be interested in working with you.
    You can find the samples of our work and all the info on our website
  5. Tormod Garvin
  6. Walter Jones
  7. antus
  8. MercilessSpectre
  9. MercilessSpectre
    Founder of PolyWizardry Entertainment!
  10. PedroVGM
    PedroVGM SkyDayYan
    I can, do you mind? :)
  11. Robert D
    Robert D
    "The future, pitch black and completely backwards"
  12. GWriterStudio
  13. Symbolize | Caleb
    Symbolize | Caleb
    Free Music Scores (Composition, EDM, Orchestral) for your Indie Game - Message me!
  14. Arko
    Currently greenlighting our game. Please have a look and support if you like it !
  15. Zura
    Hi to all , i am new to this sphere of activity
  16. Augustin C
    Augustin C
    Available to hire
  17. Symbolize | Caleb
    Symbolize | Caleb
    Looking to work with some Game Developers who need a Composer & Sound designer.
  18. nielsvdleest
    Can't stop smiling when I hear my music in Horizon Zero Dawn <3
  19. DarkwallLKE
  20. MouseClicker01
    Hey guys want some cool items and not boring game? Just download Fantasy Squad -->