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  1. Hanan Peretz
    Hanan Peretz
    programmer on his way to game design
  2. Chris Watkins
    Chris Watkins cyberinferno
    message me back in discord or email

    To talk more

    Email -
    Steam - Watkins.chris
    Discord - Watkins84 #9068
  3. KinetoJudy
    KinetoJudy Austin Rexford
    I am looking to build a strong portfolio as a writer/narrative.
    I am just now looking to shift from the movie/tv industry to the gaming industry and would love to work on some fresh projects. Your project sounds good, I would love to hear more about it.
    1. Austin Rexford
      Austin Rexford
      We are not looking for a story writer right now because the game is more of a sandbox type there is not much story to the game. But if we go that route with a story I will let you know!
      Aug 22, 2017 at 1:24 AM
  4. KinetoJudy
    KinetoJudy Thomas_C
    Hi Thomas. How is your project going? You were looking for a writer /narrative back in June. You probably found someone by now, I only wanted to let you know I am building on my portfolio and would love to work on projects just like yours.
    I am now shifting from film/tv productions to the gaming industry and would love to connect.
  5. Lachlan Cohen
    Lachlan Cohen
    Anyone in need of music for their game feel free to message me
  6. gem-family
  7. gem-family
  8. Kennedy
    Kennedy RadicalBradical
  9. Kennedy
    Kennedy Scraulac
  10. Kennedy
    Kennedy benmusic
  11. aurorainno
  12. Samuel Pothier
    Samuel Pothier
    I love turtles
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  17. Zambie17
    Hey Guys currently working on a project right now as we speak will try to get you some info on it soon
  18. Zambie17
  19. Reinards Jānis Saulītis
  20. phamduan002
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