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    Hi, friends. in the last article, I introduced some of the popular items in Merge Go for you. I will continue to update today, and I hope it will be helpful to you~


    1. Senior Starfish
    Treasure of the sea. Get from the seaweed

    Function: Produce shells

    Note: top-level explosive eggs, shells, treasure chests.

    2. Shiny Pond
    There could be meteorites or other mysterious objects around.

    Output: Level 1 meteorites, ruins pillars (pillars and meteorites cannot be produced in top water puddles)

    Function: source of meteorite, source of relic

    Note: Pools of level 1-3 will quickly become mushrooms, so they must be merged as soon as possible. Pools of level 4 and above will generate level 1 meteorites and relic pillars, and level 1 meteorites must be merged in time. The pillar will not grow up when it evolves to level 2 (a few planks) and can be merged.

    3. Withered Grass
    Gathered and turned into Purification Tree Seeds

    Function: Become a seed to wait for germination or merge germination, and become a level 1 purification tree (S level)

    Note: Piranha spit outputs level 4 or above magic stone spit out, cursed flower collected, level 1 meteorite overtime without synthesis and transformation.

    4. Shabby Map
    A piece of magic leather with an unknown design

    Output: egg box, gold coins, ore, advanced treasure map

    Function: Free egg nest source

    Note: Merging advanced next-level treasure maps or turn them into other items. The top treasure maps occupying four grids can be merge into random egg nests.

    5. Poisonous Thorn

    Output: You “may” have a chance to find monster eggs in it.

    Function: Can tap or gather.

    6. Seaweed Group
    Get form high-level pond. Most common thing in the ocean.

    Output: Water puddle output

    Function: Collecting can produce starfish

    Note: High-grade explosive eggs
    More item descriptions will be posted in future updates, so stay tuned!

    Merge Go:The Magic Home where Monsters Gather

    Have you ever imagined going to a small island with no people? There are a lot of plants and elves living there. The monsters are enjoying the sunshine, playing with each other excitedly, collecting resources and growing up. You can manipulate any kind of monster to guard the home or launch an attack. In Merge Go, you can become the master of monsters and help them evolve by simply dragging and synthesizing them.


    Drag cute monsters, three in one, five in two, fast advancement! In addition, all creatures on the entire island are waiting for you to help them merge and evolve! Abundant ways to break through stages, adventures, and unions. This must be a contest of courage and strategy. Come and challenge it!

    In the picture below, how many kinds of monsters can you recognize? They are playing hide-and-seek games, and most of them hide themselves in very hidden places. If you want to know more about the game, welcome to search Merge Go and follow our official account. Many game benefits are being distributed.


    Dear explorer:

    Monster Harry has always felt: Sky Island is like a real biosphere, all items are interlocked and have their own attributes, and maintain an inseparable relationship with other items.

    Therefore, it is very important to understand their output and sources. Next, I will introduce some common and popular items for you, hope you will own them soon!


    1. Magic Bonfire

    Output: Gather magical Essence (Doubt tab to gather)

    Function: Unlock and purify lands

    Note: The first of the basic miracles can be obtained from withered tree boards, fire phoenix feathers, ancient god totems, and wild treasure chests in the mall. The higher the level, the stronger the output capacity.

    2. Frozen Mushroom

    Output: Collect mushroom seeds and merge them into small poisonous mushrooms

    Function: Merge big mushroom

    Note: You may get the Chomper Stem when you gather from it

    3. Bicellular Succulents (Every succulents had a dream to become twins)

    Output: Collect and produce succulent seeds, small flame mushrooms, and egg nest boxes

    Function: Seed to merge into succulents

    Note: One of the basic miracles can be produced by thorns or by buying deep-sea treasure chests. The full level bursts out astonishing, and there are all treasure maps of egg nest gold coins.

    4. Fortified Goblin Cave (Faint flames will appear around occasionally.)

    Output: gem fragments, gold coins

    Source: Wild treasure chests and free treasure chests are available

    Note: Holy Fire and Monster Eggs can be produced at full level

    5. Jungle Branch (A small jungle tree branch)

    Output: Jungle tree seeds, vine sprouts

    Source: Collecting Ambergris can produce jungle tree seeds

    Note: The full-level jungle tree has a very good appearance. Click to produce monster eggs and gold coin Bags

    6. Mature pure Tree (Purify tree with Magical power. Tap it! )

    Output: treasure chest, jungle tree seed, magic crystal

    Function: Responsible for purification, responsible for appearance

    Note: It can be obtained by collecting cacti, and click on the full-level purification tree to produce phantom beast eggs and treasure chests.

    7. Broken Meteorite (A magical meteorite. You can gather stuffs from it.)

    Output: mineral veins, ore

    Source: It's really cool to open a deep sea treasure chest

    Function: a must-have one

    8. Giant Aura Vain (You can gather ore from it (to buy houses)).

    Output: Ore

    Function: You can buy as much as you like

    Note: It can be obtained by collecting meteorites, and tapping at full level can produce stone fragments, monster eggs, etc.

    The above eight miracles are very important, you need to use them to complete many tasks,I will continue to update, Stay tuned.
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