Contribution for Heart of Mithras - A SciFy Tactical Shooter Management simulation

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    Hi together,
    since ~6 months i am working on a game called Heart of Mithras, which is now also in the steam library.

    It is a management simulation where you manage a tactical combat team in a sci fy dystopian atmosphere. The gameplay is like a sports manager, where the simulation part is not a soccer match or a race, it is a tactical shooting match in an arena, inspired by games like CounterStrike. Up to now it is just a one person development, but i think the game has already reached some complexity and i already enjoy to play the game in the state it is. ofc there is space for lots of improvements, but i think the game idea is good and that`s a very good basis.

    I am very motivated to publish this game. It will happen, with or without other people contributing. But i really would love to have more persons involed in developing this game. There are so much options people could be involved in level design, sound design, animations, post-pro, ui design, storytelling, improving simulation game, adding features, translations, doing PR/communication, etc.. etc...

    Of course i am happy and grateful for every person who just want to contribute in little details and overtake small parts but if you are really motivated and you became a full member of the development and you have noteable impact on the content and quality of the game profit sharing is absolutely an opportunity.

    I would be more happy having less profit for myself and be able to share the work, joy and success in publishing a game with others together in a good working team.

    But honestly in a good team that won`t happen. In a good team you provide a better product, having more awareness, getting more sales, so in sum me as an individual won`t lose any money, but i`ll win fellows or even a team.

    If you are interested i can also offer you to play the game in the current version hosted at steam as part of a "hidden beta"

    So if you want to get in touch, send me an eMail or reply to that thread or use the contact form on my website. :)

    Thank you

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