My first android game that i made in 3-4 months.(Hard time doing it)

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    English is not my native language, so don't judge me too much.

    I had 0 experience with programming and unity 4-5 months ago and my goal was to make something that I can have for myself, i know that such game will make little to any money, but it was lots of fun and lots of anxiety making it. Before everything I was just watching youtube videos of Brackeys, blackthornprod and codemonkey and got motivated. Later on I have downloaded SoloLearn C# course app and got some basics of it. At first and second months of developing my game I was just using these cool youtubers tutorials and implemented their scripts into my game, even that at first was kinda hard for me.. But more and more of learning and typing these lines of code i got used to it and spent and less time watching tutorials and started coding by myself. 3rd month I spent on my game was my best time at this journey, cause i could write code on my own… but then one thing almost made me give up.. It was my hard drive. It collapsed and my project got deleted cause of that… I mean, i had made backup before and stored in google drive, but it was like 3 weeks of coding progress lost.. And these 3 weeks i was spending like 6hours a day just coding and learning.. After this tragedy I was about to give up and was thinking about not to finish my first game.. so i took a break.. The more time passed the more I missed coding, cause i got used to it and in these months it became my hobby.. I spent almost 1 month before coming back and when i did, it was hard to know where to start, cause i have made lot's of things in these 3 weeks. But I tried and eventually i made my first game. I know it's not perfect and have lots of space to improve but it's my first game! I wanted so many things to add to this game but I didn't want to expand too much, cause it would take forever, so i thought that i should first publish the way it is and then update it overtime..

    My next goals would be making it local multiplayer and add some skins to make it more fresh. Make more enemy types, guns, make bosses spawn every 200 points, fix bugs etc.

    Here is description of my game from google play:

    Piggy Survival is top down shooter with simple 3D blocky graphics where you have to keep yourself alive as long as you can from zombies and devils. The longer you survive, the more living deadly creatures from another world will come for your delicious piggy meat.

    ▶ About Piggy BoxHead Shooter ◀

    ✔ Multiple weapons (pistol,shotgun,uzi,smg,assault rifle)

    ✔ Multiple maps

    ✔ Build barricades

    ✔ Infinite shooter

    ✔ Simple 3D Cube graphics

    ✔ Touch pad controls

    ✔ Zombies and Devils

    ✔ Top view

    ✔ Beautiful maps

    ▶ Coming soon! ◀

    ✔ Mission maps

    ✔ Shop

    ✔ More type of walls(spiky walls that do damage if enemies touch them)

    ✔ Better options menu

    ✔ More guns!

    Apocalypse of zombies and devils starts as soon as you click play button. You are the only survival of this cruel deadly piggy world so it's your duty to slay enemies and collect points to unlock more guns for better protection. Barricades, ammo and health potions drops randomly from zombies.


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