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    Ok, so I’m new here, and I just had an idea for a game that I wanted feedback on. I have never successfully coded in my life, and don’t understand the intricacies of game development but I hope to learn.

    On to the idea! So I’m thinking of a management/strategy game with X COM elements with it. Basically, you start, and you look at the globe. You get to pick your first agency location-it could even be underwater.

    Essentially, you can hire agents to do your paperwork for you (And later cover collateral damage). All the while, you can add offices and rooms to the base for an increase in personnel so you can accept more clients. Eventually, you’ll be ready to hire your first hero. The hero won’t be great, maybe 2/5 stars, and doesn’t have powers, a common hero. Every hero will be randomly generated and every playthrough will vary in terms of characters.

    Setting up towers in “hotspots” such as Moscow, Paris, New York City etc. will allow your agency to pick up on crimes in action. Eventually, you’ll have to make a choice (You won’t have enough heroes to save everyone all the time). Will you save the old lady in Russia or the kid in America?

    When sending a hero in, a 2D map will be generated, and you can control the hero on the map (Like Rimworld, you can turn auto fire on/off). Your heroes do have a chance of death, as criminals can be and will almost always be armed with a gun or knife.

    If your hero is a 5 Star with planet destroying powers, you’ll probably wanna save him for more pressing matters, such as alien invasions (which will be one of the hardest events in the game).

    Another thing I would like implemented into the game would be Rimworld like relationships and events. You’ll be able to watch your various bases and watch agents socialize and move through the ranks. Each character will have certain traits. Even Heroes can socialize with agents and form relationships with each other. If certain heroes get especially close, they can form a bond and will fight better if put on the same hero team.

    Each hero will have a fan base, which will grow or fall depending on how they do on the field. If the hero fails to save someone or is the cause of someone’s death, they will suffer immensely.

    If a hero has a negative rating in terms of popularity, your agency’s reputation will suffer if you send them out into the field.

    Various actions you can do include building towers, hiring agents, hiring heroes (which is expensive if they are 3-5 stars), building shield arrays for various buildings including the kremlin, Empire State Building, your own base, etc. you will also be able to send heroes to meet with certain world leaders to discuss peace talks (with aliens and other countries), manufacture weapons to lock down bases, sleeper agents (to detect villain whereabouts etc.), and of course, sending heroes to foil villainous schemes.

    Character types include heroes (which you may hire), agents (which you can also hire), vigilantes (who can help you, cause problems, and be brought in by heroes), criminals (typical street thugs), and villains (ranging from minor level cheesy villains to mob bosses to psycho-Joker Level Guys).

    Dynamic character relationships can include friends, lovers, soulmates/married, fiancé/fiancée, arch enemies (if the same hero is sent to foil the same villain’s plans), siblings

    I might have forgotten something there but I would totally play a game with Rimworld 2d graphics with a superhero management twist where you grow attached to heroes and villains alike, with the constant threat that your base might get raided by villains and stuff. Tell me what you guys think, and maybe even some suggestions cause I’m new to this arena!

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