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    I posted another similar thread in an incorrect forum and as of yet it hasn't been moved and isn't receiving any views so I figured I'd recreate and improve upon it here.

    I have a rather intense concept design that is relatively fleshed out in my mind, but is still fluid enough for change.

    Here it goes:

    In the beginning you are asked a series of simple questions to determine what your character shall be like your gender, select your race, pick your hair, horns, tentacles, etc. and then you are allowed to paint your own skin textures or pick from a set of presets that you can add to and save. Oh and at the very first playthrough you have to start as a child because...you'll see.

    once you have created your character it will be placed in a small tutorial type world that is suitable for children to run around freely and basically for everyone else it will serve as an early sandbox to play with the games environment and learn what can and can't happen to you in the game. You will find lots of interactive world objects just begging you to make them do things. The terrain is completely destructible and resets every night at midnight to re\new the world to it's beauty so the madness can start all over the next day. Most players will try their best to see just how much they can destroy and at the same time realize that there are much greater possibilities than just breaking things, that you can pick up anything and do whatever you want with it, Soon after when you realize that every day this world resets you will be clambering to complete all the "quests" to exit the tutorial.

    Upon arrival you will find out that the new world you are in is far more detailed and is reminiscent of what you'd see in a darker world that has seen its share of troubles. Noticeably you will be older by about 5 years and you will be a young adult (18-20) and that you are now pretty much homeless because you have been trapped in a child "matrix" and mysteriously have been let out into a portal "from where come all the younglings" at first you may not know what to do, but you will see that now you have a tiny little marker on your hud that displays one thing, the word power next to a bar that's full. As long as this bar has something in it you're safe, but if it empties you die forever and have to start a new game. It is not the only way to die, but there are many different things that can decrease it and you're made very aware that it is the only force you possess. As you try to pick up and use an object you will notice the power bar creep slowly down at this low level and you will hopefully also notice that depending on the size or amount of "work" you do in game your power bar will start to gain another bar overlaying the first one in a different color signifying that your power is growing. After reaching higher levels you will be able to lift bigger object and break harder things by hitting them and other nifty tricks that are gained on a per level basis.

    Environment and weather will be a major factor to you at this point because you have no shelter. You will have many options, you can collect resources and try to construct your own shelter in the wilderness or you can find a makeshift structure in the beginning. As the game progresses there will be people running inns for new players and maybe even a few nice patrons that will let you come chill at their house or outpost, potentially invite you to a clan or guild and the possibilities will only grow as time goes on.

    At early stages players will not exactly have a ton of civilization to explore other than ruins that were clearly built by some really powerful and magical people, most cities and major centers of operations will likely pop up close to these because they're going to be the most beneficial areas due to their sources of magical energies.

    see part 2 below
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    part 2

    Once you come to terms with how your player has to survive you will find out that things are a little more gory over here in the "real" world. Hitting an animal with a club will probably break their leg or bash their skull and you will see this happen realistically (not for the feint of heart I know) but this will teach you that a cut is a cut, a boulder is a boulder and all of these things will affect your character the same exact way they'd affect the environment which is with actual biology and complete physics to allow arms and legs to be cut off, throats to be slit and other not so pretty things.

    On top of all the "realism" the world will be one-time procedurally generated world that incorporates every color imaginable with different levels of opacity, glow and sheen. As the world goes on it will be programmed to keep creating new creatures and plants to amaze the player utilizing many different configurations and patterns of design. No one playthrough will be the same and you will literally be asking yourself over and over "what if?" and you won't be able to stop.

    The goal as developers is to create even the most simplistic version of this that is able to be patched and improved upon with in game economy. I want the end product to be an in game currency that pretty much kinda behaves like bitcoin, but is represented by real world funds generated by in game marketing. Not video ads, but basically charging people money to have their logo in the game at all anywhere.

    For instance Pepsi could decide that it wanted to get some advertisement and purchase rights to display their name in the game purchase an ad contract, just like on a website and then they can either put a virtual product in the game to sell in order to advertise for themselves or they could pay for someone to create an ad for them, but unlike in the real world there won't be any video.......unless you have the ambition to invent it virtually which isn't impossible I think if someone was dead set on it they could create a machine that worked in the same fashion as the very early cartoons.

    In this way players will be able to do things in the game to trade for credits that are in reality like little shares of a pie. It sounds a little wacky, but if everything goes to plan there will be an astounding number of people trying to see what they can get to exist there and it won't be long before companies will want in on some of the exposure so what better way to avoid micro transactions or little game interrupting ads than to just let people create their own virtual billboards and either design products to feature their trademarks or hire someone in game to do it by paying the game which in turn pays the creator. There will be a jobs board for people to request creations that are paid for with real cash. So players will be able to fulfill jobs set by people paying for new content.

    Say someone wants a boat they could pay an amount figured by themselves and commission a boat of any style they wished and someone could go out and build it for them to make actual money with their "virtual talents"

    No uploading anything into the game, only collecting materials and using them to manipulate your surroundings can you build anything. This world will follow all the laws of physics except for in the exception of magic.

    Magic will have its own set of rules and spells or powers will be developed over time to simulate a growing understanding of it and to keep too many buggy things from happening because lets face it, if we're gonna make a near perfectly realistic world based on physics and magic then that's kind of a whole new frontier of cause and effect that we don't have a lot of data on if any at all.

    So at first there will be only simple elemental spells, telekinesis, invisibility at higher levels and other simpler types that we predict how they will behave and effect other properties in the game.

    Creatures will range from cute little bugs and fairies to titan sized monsters that can come from what seems like out of nowhere to quite literally crush everything and potentially eat other things because creatures eat even though the players don't (I don't think the player should have to eat or drink because that's just not fun, if you want to do that do it at your house in your actual world lol)

    Finally so as to not drag this on I'll get into the conflict, the only thing that guaranteed to be happening.

    There are at least 8 divine beings that are controlled by the game development team and will make up the lore of the game and our actions will determine the future storyline/events. Each of them has its own personality and traits to paint a deep and moving story about their past and their goals/struggles that they are dealing with. Each player will be able to worship one of these and it will determine which side of a war you may want to fight on, but hey no one is going to stop you from picking any side you want, but different factions will fight for different ones of these beings and it can all change at any time who is winning what they're fighting for and whether or not it's going to stay that way for long.

    This is a title that I think anyone could enjoy, even avid sports gamers because it will be very much possible for them to form their own sports leagues and play in their own version of professional sports. Do you like painting? Do you know how paint is made? You could be the very first virtual artist that sells painting in a virtual world for people to hang on their walls in theirs homes or castles.

    People interested in developing algorithms for ai and how the world generation will function should definitely get ahold me.

    I would like program that can accomplish a couple of the features mentioned for the tutorial level such as a tiny little planet that you get to walk around with a placeholder character and push spherical boulders through "dirt" or a simulation of particles that are gravitating towards a central core and I need to spheres to leave deopressions the "dirt" that can be run over again and again to basically mess up the dirt and watch it mush around, I think this would be a good start, after that we can figure out how we want to "grow" and environment 1 little baby step at a time that will generate more of itself and change over time.

    This is just a proof of concept to redesign and rework into the two separate worlds, but I think if we can get some footage of this we'd be set up. Could really "get the ball rollling" if you know what I mean. Pun completely intended.

    It was long I know. Thanks for reading and I hope you want to see what's up and have ideas to offer to put on the table :)
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    lol I thought an Idea is something more of a private thing to share with the team not the public
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    If you want skilled people to join your long time project you often have to show what they are going to join to convince them. And i dont think people are here to steal an idea. All passionated devs have their own ideas and dreams and to less time to bring them to live, so there is no need to steal. And if some one is inspired by some part i think this is just good for the development of games as a whole.

    greetings Os

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